Mark Harvey portrait
Mark Harvey is a photographer renowned for his stunning animal studies. Carefully crafted lighting and a sharp eye for composition, he produces images of exceptional quality, beauty and drama. Having endless amounts of patience and working in a calm, yet purposeful manner, he is able to capture the very best from each of his subjects.

Growing up in rural Leicestershire, England is where this passion for studying animals began. He used pencil sketches for observing and recording fur and feather and was the starting point in training his eye. Photography grew as his main creative method and having completed a degree in ecology, Harvey was set on photography as his chosen path.

Primarily a self-taught photographer his training was completed at Central St Martins, London. Since then he has had work acquired by the National Portrait Gallery, London, been profiled by National Geographic for his equine work, featured in numerous publications globally and worked with some of the most prestigious riders and horses in the equestrian world.

He lives in Norfolk, England and is sought after world-wide for his commercial work and fine art animal prints.